For over twenty years, the committee was organizing the beauty contests

IBU has worked hard to preserve what GOD has bestowed upon mankind and to
highlight the beauty of creation

0's of People Appreciate Beauty

Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.

Franz Kafka A German-language writer of novels and short stories

Some key characteristics of our delegates queens
which are also major factors for new contestants





  • The Union earned the validity of having worldwide aesthetic and testimonial festivals that have been established in many Arab and foreign countries.

  • The International Beauty Union has the honor to requests your cooperation and participation in the aesthetic and testimonial festivals.

International Beauty Union

Our Locations

Lebanon Office : Aley City, International Road, Nashi Building

Dubai Office : Dubai, Business Bay Street, Prism Tower 13th Floor

Switzerland Office : Klybeckstrasse 104, Basel, Switzerland 4057

The Trademark

The INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY UNION tradmark has been issued at GREECE PRESIDENCY TRADE MARKS OFFICE with number 146010 on 02/02/2001.

The INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY UNION tradmark has been issued at THE OFFICE OF THE UNITED NATIONS GENEVE with number N/Ref.11/4-336/2000 on 16/10/2000.

Requests have been made by Ms.Vasiliki Bolimeredo.
Address: Amerces 10 - Athena 10671
Mobile: 3611215

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Check the Terms of Affiliation and the Rules and Regulations of the Contest. You can contact us through the contact form.