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International beauty union


nternational Beauty union is the beauty organization that organizes the beauty contestant pageant and fashion shows, inaugurated for ensuring that this section is subject to international regulations that countries can rely on as international standards. Such standards are intended to increase the sector's professionalism. IBU considered in addition to the regular beauty criteria the humanitarian and creative achievements which adds to its importance and contributes to the welfare of the people in need through sponsored events targeting their support and improvement.

The slogan 'miss peace international' was a message to everyone that our target is the improvement of the societies and their education for a peaceful environment and accordingly a peaceful world for our children and coming generations. The union contributed in many events at various countries related to honoring recognized figures, monitoring the compliance with best practices and shedding light on those who deserve recognition.

الإتحاد الجمال العالمي هو المنظمة الدولية للجمال في العالم وخاصة بما يتعلق بمسابقات ملكات الجمال وعالم الموضة ، والذي أسس من اجل تنظيم هذا القطاع ضمن قوانين دولية تجمع دول العالم كلها على معايير وأسس محددة تعطي القطاع مستوى عالي من الإحترافية غير مستثنيا في ذلك جمال الأعمال الإنسانية والإبداعية التي يجب تسليط الضوء عليها ودعمها من خلال مهرجانات وفعاليات تكريمية.

كما أضفنا للإتحاد شعارا وهو"ملكة جمال السلام العالمي" لكي يكون للجمال رسالة سلام تجول العالم.

تمكن الإتحاد من ضم العديد من الدول إليه وحصل على صلاحية إقامة مهرجانات جمالية وتكريمية عالمية كما صلاحية مراقبة المسابقات في جميع دول الأعضاء.

Terms of Affiliation, Rules and Regulations of the Contest

  • Family Status: Single.
  • Age: Between 18 and 25 years.
  • Height: Minimum of 5'ft 7'Inc.
  • Languages: Excellent command in Arabic and English, French is a plus.
  • Contestants must submit two sets of recent 4R-sized colored photographs together with this attached entry form. (Portrait Shot-2 and Full length shot-2). All photographs are non-returnable.
  • Candidate must not have ever been convicted of a crime at any time and shall possess poise, personality, intelligence, and charm.
  • All contestants are required to attend rehearsals promptly when requested by the organizer.
  • All contestants will be responsible for their own expenses for participation in all Pageant events unless otherwise specified.
  • The Organizer will not be held liable in any way whatsoever for any incidents that may occur during the Pageant.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to replace any finalists with other contestants for the event in case of disqualification or release of participation from any finalists.
  • During the course of the Pageant, all contestants must attend all official functions requested by the organizers. Non-attendance is permissible only with prior written consent.
  • The selected finalists will be required to travel with the Organizer's promotional crew on any location shoots, fashion assignments, charity visits etc throughout the duration of the Pageant Grand Finals week.
  • The Organizer reserves the exclusive rights to all photographs taken in the course of the Pageant and reserves the right to feature any finalists in any publicity media for promotional purposes. The contestants will not receive any payments for photographs used.
  • In the event, if the Winner is unable to fulfill her commitments with regards to the Rules of Participation and/or the Terms and Conditions set under the Winner's contract agreement, the Official reserves the right to re-confer the title to the 1st and 2nd runner up.
  • The Organizer will not be held responsible for any money, valuables or belongings lost by the contestants during the Pageant.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to accept or reject any of the applications received.
  • The Judges' decision in all matters is final and no correspondences will be entertained.
  • ORGANISER shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of the rules and regulations. The decision of the Organizer is final and binding
  • Only selected contestant will be notified to attend the Interview/Audition at the place and time fixed by the Organizer.
  • Selected contestant will be interviewed and must present herself in casual wear during the Interview/Audition;
  • Selected contestant(s) shall attend the Interview/Audition session at her own cost, including transportation and accommodation;
  • Selected contestant(s) shall provide her own suit and casual wear;
  • The Organizer will, thereafter shortlist qualified contestant(s) as semi-finalist(s) and notify them by telephone, e-mail or official letter.
  • The Organizer to reserve right to replace any short listed contestants in the event they fail to appear for the semi-finals or are unable to attend the semi-finals.
  • If Contestant decides to withdraw from the pageant at any time for whatsoever reason, the Contestant shall reimburse the Organizer on demand for all losses, costs and expenses suffered and incurred by the Organizer as a result of the Contestant's withdrawal. The Contestant agrees that a statement issued by the Organizer as to the amount of such losses, costs and expenses suffered and incurred by the Organizer shall in the absence of manifest error be conclusive and binding upon the Contestant.
  • Candidates must conduct themselves in a proper lady-like manner and portray high moral standards. Candidates will not consume any alcoholic beverages, use illegal drugs or publicly smoke or use foul language any a time or in any way misconduct herself during the course of the entire pageant. Points will be deducted if the delegate is caught engaging in these activities
  • Good sportsmanship is expected at all times. Disruptive behavior before, during, or after the pageant may result in disqualification, removal from the premises, and imposition of legal charges by the Organizer, whose decision shall be final
  • The Candidate agrees to abide by all rules and regulations which may be changed from time to time by the organizers and she shall have no objection to the same, whatsoever.
  • Organizers are not responsible for any delays or non-receipt of applications on any account and for any reason, whatsoever.
  • Organizers are not responsible if the sponsors do not make good the prizes promised by them.
  • Organizers are not responsible for any loss or physical injury that occurs to the applicant on account of their participation in the event. The applicant will participate at her own risk and can have no claim against the organizers.
  • Incorrect information will result in disqualification, whether discovered prior to, during or after participation.
  • All information furnished by the candidate is to be treated as confidential and is not provided to any other individuals, organizations or entities in any manner whatsoever.